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Mon 9:30 am & 5:30 pm and Tu 5:30 pm

Start here or refine your yoga practice
Learn how to slow down your mind and focus on you in this slow paced class. We will explore yoga in a variety of ways to increase your strength, flexibility, and balance while learning anatomy principles and how it applies to your yoga practice. Myofascial release tools, Restorative Yoga, blankets and other props are used in classes. Also appropriate for the practitioner who wants to refine their current yoga practice.

Build Balance
Wed 9:30 am

This class is designed for individuals with Ostepenia or Osteoporosis but is also appropriate for someone who wants to move at a slower pace. 
All classes will be slow moving and incorporate elements of strength building, posture awareness, and good body mechanics. Classes will also include anatomy and kinesiology principles that apply to daily living. 

Outdoor Yoga 
Thurs 6:00 pm

An active slow flow outdoor class for individuals with yoga experience. 
This is an active led slow flow class that meets every Thursday outside at my home in Petal when weather permits. Classes always include kinesiology principles that can be applied on and off the mat. Appropriate for individuals with yoga experience.



2 / $25  |  5 / $60  |  9 / $100  |  10th class free!


$15  |  Students - $10  |  Military Discount - 10%

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